Braces wear and care

Care tips

Emergency braces care

If you just got your braces on or recently tightened and you’re a little sore — that is NOT an emergency. In fact, real orthodontic emergencies are few and far between.

Our Smyrna and Brentwood orthodontic assistants are only a phone call away. If you’re a patient of record and experiencing extreme pain, have a broken appliance, have had an accident that has damaged your mouth/teeth, or have wires poking into your cheeks we hope you will give us a call pronto. We’ll be happy to help get you comfortable again.

For emergencies call 615-613-1504.

Emergency phone hours:

Monday – Friday | 5 pm – 8 pm

Saturday – Sunday | 8 am – 8 pm

Please be aware clinical assistants do not have access to the scheduling or financial information from the emergency phone.

Step by step

Retainer care

Watch the video to see our friendly team members show you how to properly put in and take out your retainers for optimal comfort and results. At Barbieri Orthodontics, we also offer a Lifetime Retainer Program which enables you to get new retainers anytime, for any reason.

Caring for braces

Everyone loves having a great smile — it can give you confidence and let you feel comfortable in your own skin. Braces help give us a straight and shining smile to be proud of. It’s important to remember a key step to achieve that smile — caring for your braces.

At Barbieri Orthodontics, we’re committed to giving you the best care for your braces and guiding you through the process. Schedule a complimentary consultation with some of the best orthodontists in Brentwood and Smyrna!

Why is taking care of your braces important?

Taking time each day to care for your braces can deliver many benefits, including:

  • Good oral hygiene: It’s easy for food to get caught in your braces after eating. Flossing regularly, using mouthwash and brushing after each meal can help prevent gum disease and plaque buildup.
  • Less damage: Knowing how to care for braces means you’ll be able to prevent damage. Less damage can lead to less time wearing braces.
  • Clean teeth: Neglecting braces maintenance can result in stains on your teeth. With a bit of effort, you can ensure you’ll have a white, shining smile when the braces come off.

What foods should you avoid with braces?

Knowing how to care for braces is crucial. One of the most common ways people damage their braces is by eating the wrong foods. With a little knowledge about what foods you should avoid, you can help prevent damage. Here are some foods to avoid with braces:

  • Hard foods: Hard foods like ice, nuts, jolly ranchers, pizza crust and chips can break brackets and wires.
  • Sticky foods: It’s already easy for food to get caught between your braces — sticky foods make it even easier by sticking to wires and loosening brackets. Avoid foods like gum, caramels, tootsie rolls and licorice.
  • Sugary foods: Foods high in sugar like candy, ice cream, soda and cookies can lead to tooth decay. You’ll want to shy away from foods that might make taking care of your teeth even more difficult.

Cleaning teeth with braces

Taking care of your braces is essential for good oral hygiene. Putting in a little extra effort to make sure your teeth and braces are clean can help improve your smile and confidence even further. Here are various steps you can introduce to your daily routine:

  • Brush after meals: Make sure you’re brushing after each meal to clean out any food that gets stuck in brackets or wires.
  • Floss: Floss regularly — at least once a day. Flossing will help you reach those hard-to-clean places in your braces.
  • Rinse: Use mouthwash or water after your cleanings to rinse out any bacteria.

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Knowing how to care for your braces is essential for your oral hygiene. Consulting a professional can help effectively clean your braces and give you strategies to take care of them. Barbieri Orthodontics offers the premier dental care you need to achieve a great smile.

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