Emergency orthodontic care

Emergency orthodontic care

Orthodontic emergencies are a thankfully rare occurrence among many patients. However, if they do happen, Barbieri Orthodontics is here to help Smyrna and Brentwood orthodontic patients get through them. If you have experienced a traumatic injury to the mouth or swallowed a piece of your dental appliance, we advise you to seek care at an emergency room as soon as possible. If you are experiencing pain or a piece of your braces is loose or broken, please call our emergency line.

What constitutes an orthodontic emergency?

While there will be times during your orthodontic treatment you experience pain or soreness, it’s essential to know the difference between general soreness and when to see an orthodontist for emergency care. After you first receive your braces, your mouth and teeth may feel tender as they adjust to your braces. While this is an uncomfortable feeling, it will not last forever, and your mouth will quickly become accustomed to the new tooth positioning. You may also feel discomfort after having your braces adjusted or if you switch to a new set of aligners.

There are some options for managing soreness you can perform at home, such as taking over-the-counter pain medication or using an ice pack to reduce inflammation. If one of your wires shifts and begins to poke your cheek, you can take an object such as a spoon and gently bend the wire out of the way.

If you are still experiencing pain after trying an at-home remedy, please call our orthodontic office as soon as you can, and we will schedule you for an appointment that day. Place ice on the pained area while you wait, and if your braces suffered damage or breakage, be sure to find the pieces to bring to your orthodontist.

Emergency orthodontic care

For an orthodontic emergency or if you are unsure if you need to see an orthodontist, it’s best to call Barbieri Orthodontics as soon as possible. Our emergency orthodontists are available by phone until 9 p.m. every day and will gladly walk you through home remedies or schedule a same-day appointment. Calling our office as soon as possible will prevent any delays in your treatment progress and help you feel better faster.

Emergency line

Why choose Barbieri as your emergency orthodontist?

When you are experiencing orthodontic pain, you want a solution from a trusted expert. At Barbieri Orthodontics, our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the field, making us a knowledgeable resource for virtually any orthodontic condition. In addition to our extensive expertise, we also provide top-notch care for all our patients.

Our main priority is ensuring our patients feel confident in their care through our open communication policy. Whether you’re calling due to an orthodontic emergency or are in our Brentwood or Smyrna offices for an appointment, you will experience world-class, personalized care.