Braces in Smyrna & Brentwood

Braces are an effective way to straighten your teeth, correct overcrowding issues, adjust bite problems and enhance the appearance of your smile. Since every smile is unique, there are various braces options available to meet your specific needs.

One option is Damon System braces, which are a comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces and Invisalign®. Schedule a free braces consultation with our family orthodontists in Brentwood and Smyrna, Tennessee!

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How do Damon braces work?

Although not named for our founder, Dr. Damon Barbieri, the Damon System is a state-of-the-art braces treatment. Like other braces types, Damon braces’ main goal is to straighten your teeth. However, the main difference between Damon self-ligating braces and traditional braces is how they’ll straighten your teeth.

Damon braces use a specialized bracket to connect to the wire on your teeth. Rather than the orthodontist tightening your braces to align your teeth into place, Damon braces use a sliding mechanism. This design aspect can make the realigning process more comfortable than traditional methods. When your Smyrna or Brentwood orthodontist attaches this sliding mechanism to the archwire on the brackets, your teeth will move into place gently and organically, leading to more effective and permanent final results.

Clear braces vs. metal braces

We offer two types of Damon braces in Smyrna and Brentwood to meet your needs and preferences. We offer both types as options for braces for kids and teens or adult braces.

  • Damon metal braces: Damon metal braces are low-profile and feature a powerful self-ligating system that keeps up with almost any lifestyle.
  • Damon clear braces: Damon clear braces, also known as ceramic braces, are a transparent way to straighten teeth comfortably. This invisible braces option also uses self-ligation technology to minimize friction for efficient tooth movement.

Schedule a free consultation in Smyrna or Brentwood to learn more about our metal or clear braces near you!

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Trust our team for high-quality braces treatment

Our Smyrna and Brentwood orthodontic team cares about your experience at every appointment, and we’ll go the extra mile to ensure you’re happy throughout your braces journey. To guarantee your satisfaction, we will:

  • Provide complete transparency regarding your treatment plan by informing you of the cost, the number of visits needed and any other updates.
  • Ensure you’re satisfied with your experience and on track to achieve your upgraded smile within our time estimate for your orthodontic treatment.
  • Use top-of-the-line industry technology, including our iTero® and Propel VPro+ scanners, to provide exceptional results.
  • Answer any of your questions from your first appointment to your last visit.

Middle Tennessee braces for the whole family

At Barbieri Orthodontics, we’re a best-in-class orthodontic care provider for patients of all ages. You are our main priority once you walk through our door. Regardless of which of our two Middle Tennessee offices you visit — or which braces treatment method you choose — you’ll receive top-quality orthodontic care.

We want you to have the smile you’ve imagined for yourself, and we’ll give you an optimal experience in addition to the improved sense of self-confidence your realigned teeth will bring. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about Damon braces in Brentwood and Smyrna!