Invisalign® for kids

Invisalign® for kids

When it comes to your child’s dental health, being proactive is key. Whether your child’s teeth seem to be coming in straight or they’re overcrowded or spaced unevenly, it’s always a good idea to get a professional opinion to find out the best way to proceed. To ensure your child gets the orthodontic treatment they need at an early age, we offer Invisalign for kids with a personalized treatment process at our Smyrna and Brentwood locations.

Our team will work closely with you to understand your child’s current dental struggles so we can create a custom children’s Invisalign treatment plan. We will also go above and beyond to ensure that you and your child are as comfortable as possible, making every appointment a positive experience on a journey to improved dental health and a straighter smile.

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Kids Invisalign treatment process

If you want to learn if your kid can get Invisalign, our team can help answer your questions and keep you informed regarding the best course of treatment. Utilizing the kids’ Invisalign treatment process is completely safe. It can act as an effective preventive measure for your child and give them the tools to develop positive hygiene habits from an early age. Invisalign for children can also be beneficial due to its:

  • Accuracy: Because each Invisalign retainer is created specifically based on your child’s teeth impression, it’s sure to accurately shift your child’s teeth into place.
  • Customization: The personalization of each retainer ensures that your child’s Invisalign is unique to them, yielding effective, long-lasting results.
  • Simple care: Invisalign’s removable retainers make it easy for children to take proper care of their teeth by brushing and flossing completely uninhibited.

Our Invisalign expertise for children and adults

At Barbieri Orthodontics, we have a wide range of cutting-edge orthodontic technology that can streamline your child’s Invisalign services. During your initial visit, we will assess your child’s teeth using our industry expertise and our advanced iTero® digital scanner. We’ll take three-dimensional bite and teeth images, which we can upload to create a personalized Invisalign treatment plan. This technology also allows us to display a digital simulation of your child’s future smile so you can feel confident in your course of treatment.

Our team has Diamond+ certified experts that are known as the top Invisalign providers in the country. Because of our outstanding qualifications, we offer our services to patients of all ages. Our professional, experienced staff can work with you and your child to create an Invisalign plan that paves the way for a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

Trust us for high-quality Invisalign for children

Whether you want to make sure you get the smile of your dreams or your child receives high-quality orthodontic care, our team can help. You can schedule an online consultation with us today to get started or reach out to our team with any additional questions.

Our two locations offer an unmatched level of Invisalign expertise that can help your child become proactive about their dental health, creating positive future habits and a more confident smile.