iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner®

iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner®

Whether it’s for Invisalign® or dentures, the iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner® eliminates the uncomfortable, messy and time-consuming process of traditional impressions.

Discover how this patient-friendly and leading digital scanner can deliver 3D images in a matter of minutes.

What Is the iTero intraoral scanner?

When iTero produced its first intraoral scanner, the company changed the way orthodontists capture orthodontic images. This device allows orthodontists to receive more detailed and accurate images, ensuring the best results. Instead of using a viscous impression material, this scanner relies on a digital scanning process. The machine requires just one person to operate it, helping save time during your office visit. Through the scanning process, your orthodontist will be able to access and diagnose any orthodontic problems. Based on the 3D imaging, they’ll be able to develop a customized treatment plan and manage your progress. Along with delivering precise imaging for alignment, this 3D teeth scanner can also assist with:

  • Creating dental crowns.
  • Forming dentures.
  • Preparing for oral surgery.
  • Keeping orthodontic records.

How does the iTero digital scanner work?

The iTero digital scanner takes 3D images of both the form and structure of the tooth and gum line. This device performs parallel confocal scanning, helping to capture 100,000 laser points all in focus. Every second, it takes 6,000 high-resolution and interactive images. With the small wand size, orthodontists can easily capture precise images of your entire mouth. This capability helps eliminate readjustments and allows for an improved in-office experience. The entire process can also be completed without any need for protective wear.

Benefits of our Invisalign scanner

The iTero intraoral scanners deliver a non-invasive, highly digitized experience, so you’ll experience benefits like:

  • Speed: Taking traditional orthodontic impressions can be a time-consuming process. Once metal trays and liquid plaster are inserted against your upper and lower jaw, you have to wait for it to set. Now, in just three to five minutes, your orthodontist will have precise, 3D images.
  • Comfort: Because there is no need to coat the teeth and open your mouth wide, this scanning process eliminates gagging and discomfort.
  • Accuracy: Unlike physical impressions, which can sometimes be inaccurate, this scanner provides your orthodontist with precise results and fewer redos.
  • Outcome simulation: Envisioning your new smile is now easier than ever. The iTero intraoral scanner offers real-time simulations so you see your orthodontic impression come to life, as well as what your finished results will look like.

Why choose Barbieri Orthodontics?

At Barbieri Orthodontics, you’ll always experience cutting-edge technology coupled with individualized patient-centered care. Our team of specialists ensures you receive premier treatment, regular updates and an overall outstanding patient experience. We also believe a great smile should be affordable, so we offer low, customizable monthly payment options.