"My child began treatment in August 2012. He had a large space between his top two front teeth and a cross bite. When he closed his teeth the top two would separate; one in front of the bottom teeth and the other behind the bottom teeth! Within a month we could already see a major difference!!! For the first time ever he smiled in our family photos and was proud. Words cannot express how the treatment he has received at Barbieri's office has surpassed all of our expectations. Everyone you encounter from the moment you arrive until making your next appointment is extremely kind and helpful! This treatment has changed my son's life and we are forever grateful!" -Jennifer Monroe

"We had moved from Ohio to Tennessee and was looking for a orthodontist too continue service on my daughter that has had braces for a year and they were very helpful and willing too work with us to keep her on track!!!!! So we are pretty excited about continuing our journey with them!!!! Thanks so much!!!" -April Gibson

"Very professional.....My daughter had to have her wire fixed and since it was a week until her next scheduled apt they went ahead and did it so we didn't have to come back the following week. Thanks to all the team." -Kim Gaut

"I have 3 daughters that are lucky enough to be patients here. My oldest, Lauren, has had her braces off for 4 years and has the most gorgeous smile! Lesley is getting hers removed today and is so excited to see her beautiful new smile. Lensey is anxious to see hers in a few weeks. This is the most wonderful office with the nicest people ever! I always have to tell people this is the place for the best in braces!!! Thank you Dr. Barbieri and staff." -Michelle Hudson

"We've been so pleased with our experience that we'll gladly recommend this office to others. Both Jarod and Andrew's smiles and self esteem are forever improved and we can't thank you enough. Unfortunately, we in the middle of a relocation but will be back periodically due to our ties to this area." -Matt Blazo

"I was already pleased when I spoke with one of the employees on the phone. They answered all my questions in a friendly and respectful way. When I went for my consultation I spoke with a lady named Susana and she was amazing. She made me feel welcome and like if I had already been a patient before. She also made me feel like I was not even at a consultation because we were laughing most of the time. Once Mr. Barbieri came I was even more pleased because he was able to answer all my questions. The system that they have really demonstrates what needs to be done, why and how. They took their time to explain everything and made me feel welcome. I had an amazing experience and I was highly satisfied! Thank you for your time and attention." -Nayele Alamilla

"Barbieri Orthodontics has been amazing! They are SO good with my kids! They are kind and caring, and very professional. Plus, they are prompt and flexible with appointments. Plus, they don't do anything unnecessary. I have recommended them to several of my friends. A visit to their office is always a pleasure. I have 3 kids that see Dr. Barbieri, and they all agree that he is a fun doctor to see. I am so glad our dentist referred us to him!" -Heather Dozier

"Dr. Barbieri and his entire staff are amazing. My daughter just had her last appointment is very happy with the way her teeth turned out. Dr Barbieri and his team were always willing to answer any questions we had and fully explained everything that was done. I've recommended Dr Barbieri to all of my friends who are in need of orthodontic treatment. Thank you for a job well done!" -Clint Hawkins

"Jake's teeth look so much better than they did before the braces were put on. He will be getting them off in August and we are all looking forward to that. The staff is wonderful and Dr. Barbieri is always so encouraging with Jake. I have most definitely recommended this office to other people." -Jake Norris